Solid Bronze Greyhound by Robert Crutchley
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Solid Bronze Greyhound by Robert Crutchley

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A fabulous solid bronze Greyhound sculpture created by sculptor, Robert Crutchley. The patina has a gorgeous rich chestnut and copper colour and the superb detail and craftsmanship captures the dog's lifelike characteristics perfectly. SIGNED.

Crafted using using the lost wax, hot cast method - a process over 6000 years old. It was perfected by the ancient cultures in Greece, Rome and Egypt and is still used today. The lost wax casting method is a highly skilled, complex, time and labour intensive process. This, combined with the cost of the raw material gives rise to the cost of a genuine bronze sculpture and creates an investment opportunity which you do not get with cold cast bronze.


Robert originally trained as a silversmith, but began sculpture shortly after completing his studies at the Birmingham College of Art. He has produced bronze sculptures for the past 15 years and his work is shown in galleries throughout Great Britain and is regularly exhibited abroad.

After an early period creating sculptures directly from life in terracotta and cement fondue, he began using cardboard and wax. He establishes the initial form in cardboard and paper, which is subsequently finished by the addition of wax by brush and modeling tools. This technique allows for spontaneity and a liveliness of surface that conveys the life and energy of the subjects.

Height: 5" (11.5cm) / Width: 3.5" (9cm)

Weight: 560g approx